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Katie Hargrave and Philip Matesic / We wish we could tell you something you could really see.

Beginning as a formal exploration into the history of Paris, IL, we set out. I had all of the maps, Philip the car, and together the curiosity to extend our studio practice and hit the road. Although our intentions were as wide open as I-74 and I-57, our interests began with the exchange of names from Europe to the United States, such as Paris, Rome, Berlin.

We knew the conversations went much deeper than solely their names. We were traversing lands that unraveled into a dialogue about geography, borders, disruptions, insiders and outsiders. We were interested in capturing these places though our conversations as one might take a snapshot of a landmark. Both a travelogue and a subtle critique of the disconnections between names, places, and people, this site-specific project attempts to negotiate what it means to measure the distance between one place and another.

In conjunction with our slideshow presentation, a guidebook allowing onlookers to participate in our travels was created based on the location of the presentation. These durable, tyvek bound guidebooks include descriptions of each town, foldout mapquests, a section for individual notes and a CD audio tour of the place.

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